Industrial/OEM Power Solutions

We are very proud to supply the greatest and broadest industrial gas and diesel engine brand in the world.

When you choose Cat® and N C, you’ll power the equipment you’re building with a world-class system and arm your business with distinct competitive advantages related to Caterpillar’s proven durability, reliability, efficiency, and performance. Likewise, for U.S. and international markets, each Cat engine is backed by an unrivaled dealer support network that extends to nearly 200 countries. This dealer network—and the unmatched maintenance, warranty, technical training, 24/7/365 emergency service, and parts support it provides—can help you succeed in establishing new customers while maintaining exceptional loyalty with your existing ones.

Please browse our Cat Product lines below and contact us today to begin a successful partnership!

Unrivaled Power Support

24/7 On-Call Service | Preventative Maintenance | Over Haul and Warranty Options |24/7 Parts Ordering

After installation, we’ll keep your systems running and at optimum efficiency, with 24/7 on-call parts/service and 

24/7 parts ordering. 

You’ll have hundreds of factory-certified technicians and service vehicles at your disposal when and where you need them, and with our flexible Customer Support Agreements (CSA), we can help you make sure that the service they deliver has been optimized for your business. 

When you partner with N C, our wealth of experience and support capabilities will help you minimize your life cycle costs and maximize your operating efficiencies. We’ll work closely with you to tailor the optimal mix of preventive maintenance, overhaul and warranty options, and 

technical support.  

For Additional Information and Details Contact:

Chris Blazevich

N C Power Systems | Washington 

425.251.5877 (office) | 425.241.0817 (cell)

Doug Blumer

N C Power Systems | Alaska

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